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About us

Eighteen years of professional

We established in 2006. Our founder, Ms Sarah Li, is a senior confinement consultant and prolactinologist with more than ten years of experience in the industry.
Confinement is the best time for women to recover their bodies after childbirth. We advocate to adapt to the needs of social development and combine science and traditional Chinese medicine to provide prenatal and postpartum care services to mothers. We hope all the mothers can receive the best quality care during the confinement, and the body can recover well, making her more beautiful than before.

Quality Assurance

We have nearly 600 pui yuets (confinement nanny) all hold ERB certificates. Each new employee must receive pre-employment training to ensure they are equipped with both theoretical and practical work capabilities to provide the highest quality services to confinement mothers.

Our service commitment: If the pui yuet is unable to return to work on time due to premature or late birth, we guarantee that we will have suitable personnel to replace.

Caring and Satisfying

Tin Yan professional Postpartum and Postnatal Care


Our professional team

Sarah Li

Sarah Li


Founder of Tin Yan 
President of Hong Kong Family Service Industry Development Association
Senior confinement consultant
Nationally Certified Breastfeeding Instructor and Prolactinologist
Columnist for major parent-child platforms

[Hong Kong Confinement Cookbook] | Series Author

Tin Yan was established in 2006, and has trained hundreds of outstanding pui yuets over the years. At the same time, She is also the president of the Hong Kong  Family Service Development Association. She obtained the ERB certificate recognized by the Hong Kong government more than ten years ago. She also holds certificates as a chef and a senior prolactinist. She has devoted herself to postpartum care and dietary therapy for many years. She is committed to promoting Hong Kong's unique postpartum food culture and is often invited to major occasions. Share the key points of confinement diet and postpartum care.

Past works:
[Hong Kong Confinement 1 - Starting with a bowl of delicious soup]
【Hong Kong confinement 2 - Preparing confinement meals]

Confinement Chinese medicine practitioner


Registered Chinese medicine practitioner

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
​Practice medicine for nearly 20 years
​Specializes in gynecology


Elaine Chan

Registered child care worker

​Baby massage instructor
​30 years in the baby care industry

Pui Yuet



Worked on the frontline of maternity care for more than ten years
 Confinement nourishing experience
Attended courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet Therapy and Maternal and Child Nutrition


Brand story

Tin Yan has been serving mothers and babies for many years.

Let’s take a look at Tin Yan’s development history.

Sales Present for website.jpg

established  Tin Yan Talent Training Centre, provides

confinement care training, with more than 500 pui yuets

Publishing "Hong Kong confinement cookbook" Volume 2

Established Tin Yan Maternal & Infant Care Centre, for Hong Kong

The first five-star confinement centre, located at the Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel

Tin Yan was established in 2006 and is the earliest formal postpartum care service company in Hong Kong.

Publishing "Hong Kong

confinement cookbook" 

Volume 1

Established Mamma Mia Postpartum Treatment Centre

roll out "Hong Kong Confinement CookbookSeries products

The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel branch opens

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