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Pui Yuet

Advantages of Tin Yan

The traditional so-called "confinement period" refers to the 100 days starting from delivery, which is the best time for the mother's body to recover and nourish.

Why can’t you drink boiled water after giving birth? Why can’t pregnant women wash their hair?

After giving birth, mothers undergo many emotional and physical changes, becoming fragile and sensitive. If you are not careful, you will be left with all the postpartum ailments, such as chills, fatigue, backache, and bone pain. It is often said that "confinement diseases can be cured during confinement", This is why postpartum mothers need special care from pui yuet (confinement nanny) during confinement.

Choose professional pui yuet services.

Tin Yan has more than 500 pui yuets (confinement nanny), all of whom hold post-natal care certificates recognized by the Hong Kong Employees Retraining Board (ERB). They also receive regular training to improve their skills. The quality is guaranteed and it is a highly recommended post-natal care service centre. Our service time and content are flexible. Customers can choose the service that best suits them based on their needs, price budget, family situation, etc. We promise that even if any emergencies occur, we will definitely arrange for a pui yuet to assist, such as premature birth, illness, etc. We will immediately arrange for a replacement without any additional charge.


Why choose Tin Yan for confinement care?

Tin Yan - the difference between hiring Tin Yan pui yuet  and other pui yuets:

Tin Yan pui yuet

Equipped with pre-employment training, internal selection and qualification review procedures, to ensure the service quality of pui yuet

Able to make instant preparations. Flexible arrangements, such as: premature birth, extension of service period, replacement of pui yuet, etc.

Required by the three parties signed the contract (Tin Yan, employer, pui yuet), each case has dedicated personnel to follow up and provide support at any time


Independent pui yuet

​Various service quality, exaggerated service years

Short staffed, no contingency plan

​Lack of regulation, no way to complain when disputes arise


Comparison of 8-hour and 24-hour postpartum care service scope

Tin Yan - Postnatal Care Service Model

Flexible selection of

service hours based on customer needs

There are 6 hours / 8 hours / 24 hours / one-stop / confinement centre to choose from

"Confinement" one-stop      service

Provide comfortable and practical accommodation and professional, full-time employees 24-hour postpartum care service

Five-star confinement centre





Prepare tea/soup/stew/meal


Prepare ginger water for bathing

Assist with breastfeeding


Comprehensive daily care (feeding, burping, bathing, umbilical cord care, baby massage)

Growth observation

Cultivate baby good living habits

Suitable for 

There are helpers at home​​



Pui yuet service scope


Includes 8 hours of service

Taking care of  mothers’ daily life and meal arrangements

Prepare tea/soup/stew/meal

Prepare ginger water for bathing

Assist with breastfeeding


Take care of baby around-the-clock and share the same room with baby at night so that parents can get enough rest

Comprehensive daily care (feeding, burping, bathing, umbilical cord care, baby massage)
Growth observation
Cultivate baby good living habits

Suitable for 

If budget allows

Want a comprehensive care


Tin Yan - Pui Yuet Service Process

Tell us your needs



Interview with pui yuet

We will have a dedicated person accompany you to meet the pui yuet, and you can learn more during the conversation.


Sign a contract

The schedule will be confirmed after the three parties sign the contract and pay the deposit.

Fill in form

Hiring duration
Hiring hour

Thank you for your inquiry, we will reply to you as soon as possible!



During pregnancy, pui yuet will keep in touch and arrange a home visit about one month before delivery.


Report duty

Please inform us of the exact date of service after you are admitted to hospital. Postpartum care usually starts on the first day after you are discharged from the hospital.

If there is any change on delivery date, we will arrange contingency measures immediately.



Do I need a pui yuet?

1. Does anyone have a helping hand?

2. Understanding of confinement

3. Do you value confinement?

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself first:

  1. Can anyone help you?

  2. Understanding of confinement

  3. Do you value confinement?

If you agree with the importance of confinement, but there is no one around you who is familiar with confinement and can take care of you, you should consider hiring a pui yuet.

When should I ask for a pui yuet?

Generally speaking, it is best to consider when you are three to four months into pregnancy, which is relatively sufficient time for you to make more comparisons. The earlier the time is, the higher the chance of making an appointment with an experienced pui yuet.

How should I do if my baby is born early?

Our service commitment: If the original pui yuet fails to report duty as scheduled due to premature birth/late birth, we will definitely arrange a replacement for you. This is Tin Yan's persistence, and service guarantee.

How to choose a pui yuet?

There is no best, only the most suitable pui yuet for you. Every mother’s needs are different. Before choosing a pui yuet, you should carefully consider your own needs, such as rich experience, good at cooking, good personality, young and energetic, etc.

We welcome you to inform us of all your requirements, and we will arrange the most suitable pui yuet for you according to your needs.

How many meals does a pui yuet cook a day?

We often tell pui yuet that an excellent pui yuet should be able to cook as many meals as the mother can eat. Everything should be based on the mother's needs rather than rigidly stipulating the number of meals a day.

If you have any questions about our service and price, feel free to visit our Facebook page or call 2578 9238​ and we will be happy to answer!


Tin Yan pui yuet service scope:

Prenatal care services


Prepare baby products
Plan hospitalization period and

Confinement diet plan
Prepare pork knuckles and Ginger Stew
Prenatal consultation

Comprehensive daily care (feeding, burping, bathing, umbilical cord care, baby massage)
Growth observation
Cultivate baby good living habits

Customized confinement diet therapy
(Tea, soup, meal, stew, dessert)
Guidance on parenting skills
Assist with breastfeeding



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