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Lactation consultant

Lactation consultant service

Breastfeeding is a challenge for many mothers. There is a lack of correct breastfeeding guidance. In fact, 80% of the problems are caused by improper feeding habits. 

Every mother encounters different problems during lactation. Tin Yan’s team of professional prolactinologists first understands the mother’s situation and then provides corresponding guidance and methods. Through professional breastfeeding guidance, we hope that every mother can successfully embark on the breastfeeding journey.

Why do you need a breastfeeding coach/prolactinologist?
We believe that with the correct breastfeeding guidance, every mother can breastfeed successfully.

However, once the wrong feeding method is used or a moment of negligence is used, annoying problems such as mammary gland blockage and mastitis will occur, making breastfeeding difficult and painful. The role of a prolactinologist is to provide targeted treatment and correct wrong feeding habits for mothers who encounter these situations, and to guide mothers to breastfeed easily!


Do I need lactation consultant services?

Can the baby suck smoothly and effectively?
Do you have lumps or tenderness in your breasts?

Have you and baby reached a "balance between supply and demand"?

Do your breasts feel soft after each feeding?

Are there any discomforts such as fever or breast heat?


Difficulties during breastfeeding

A prolactinologist is an assistant who helps you solve problems during breastfeeding. Therefore, if mothers encounter problems during breastfeeding (see the table below for details) and cannot solve them by themselves, please seek help as soon as possible.
Hundreds of cases tell us that if treated in time, whether it is engorgement, lack of breastmilk or mastitis it can be solved.

Breast engorgement


  • Improper handling of physiological bloating, drinking milk booster soup too early when the mammary glands are not unobstructed, and the baby fails to suck successfully


  • Breasts are full, smooth, with veins visible, and may even be as hard as stone

  • The breasts feel obviously swollen and may even cause severe pain when touched.

Breast duct blockage

  • Improper handling (such as irregular milk discharge and drinking milk booster soup too early) can cause milk accumulation in the mammary glands and cause blockage of the mammary glands.


  • Lump in breast

  • Decreased milk production

  • Baby shows impatience or unwillingness to eat when being breastfed

Lack of breastmilk

Find out if you have enough breast milk

  •  Pay attention to whether the baby makes a "gurgling" sound while feeding

  •   Pay attention to whether baby behaves satisfactorily  appearance

  •  Baby should have 2-3 times a day with the amount of stool is 5-6 piece amount of diapers

  • Gain 125 grams per week and gain 125 grams per month lbs 0.5-1 kg


Common causes:

  • Long-term breast blockage/eating habits that are too greasy/bacterial infection/wrongly pressing the breasts with strong force


  • Mother suddenly has a high fever

  • Body tremor, exhausted

  • Local lump appears in breast (redness, swelling, pain) 

White spots on nipples

Common causes:

  • Baby biting nipples, nipple ulcers

  • Bacterial infection

  • Fatty diet


  • Small white spots appear at the outlet of the breast, mostly on or in the nipple, causing blockage of the breastmilk

Discharge of residual milk

  • After the mother is weaned, the residual milk accumulates in the mammary gland for a long time, and the water is absorbed

  • The remaining milk will deteriorate and turn into pus milk or blood milk.

  • Failure to clear the milk will increase the chance of breast lesions

Lactation consultation package

We provide door-to-door and in-store services. Mothers who have difficulty feeding are welcome to call us to inquire about prolactinologist services and fees!

Golden Breast milk expression Package

(​within seven days after delivery)

  • Starting  breastfeeding in hospital or

  • ​Door to door breastfeeding guidance

3 times 

Self-selected packages

(​Choose 10 times below)

  • Unblock mammary duct

  • Lactation boost

  • Breast care 

  • Suppression of lactation

Full breastfeeding package

(​Entire lactation period)

  • Home-based breastfeeding and breastfeeding guidance

  • Lactation and Breast Care

  • Suppression of lactation

  • ​Remove residual milk

​No limit to the number of times

Postpartum weaning package

  • Suppression of lactation 

  • Discharge of residual milk

No limit to the number of times​

2 times​


Tin Yan - Lactation consultation service process

Tell us your needs



Breast examination and consultation

Nationally certified lactation specialists provide examinations and suggestions based on each mother's unique situation.


Painless milk drainage and lymphatic massage

Use gentle techniques to clear the breasts ducts and eliminate milk lumps, which can not only stimulate lactation but also prevent milk blockage.

Fill in form


Provide feeding guidance

Provide correct professional breastfeeding guidance and advice to ensure that mothers feed correctly and achieve full breast milk more easily in the future.

Suggested dietary menu


Depending on the mother's situation, daily dietary therapy is recommended to ensure that the mother can maintain milk supply healthily and easily.

Which service do you need?

Thank you for your inquiry, we will reply to you as soon as possible!



The breastfeeding guidance centre was established in 2013. Hundreds of cases over the years have proven that we can effectively solve feeding problems such as engorgement, milk blockage, and lack of milk, and help with breastfeeding.

How long does the service take?

Can one time service solve the problem of breastmilk blockage?

Will the process be painful?

Our services do not charge on time duration, but are based on solving the problem. Each time is approximately 1.5 - 2hours. Each service includes instructing mothers on the correct breastfeeding methods and suggesting meal menu combinations.

This depends on the mother's own circumstances.
If there is a slight blockage of the mammary glands caused by improper feeding, a single operation can be used to drain the milk. After the gland ducts are unblocked, the milk can be supplied and fed smoothly. If the situation worsens due to lack of timely treatment and engorgement occurs, we need to continuous external application, milk discharge, dredging of milk collaterals, and anti-inflammatory and pain relief for mothers may require more than 3 times of service.

Our service is painless lactation, but if the customer feels pain even without touching, he or she will inevitably feel pain during the service. Therefore, we remind guests to deal with problems as soon as possible. The consequences of delay can be serious.

If breastmilk blockage persists,

What impact will it have?

Breast milk blockage means that the breast ducts are blocked and the milk cannot be discharged smoothly. If not treated early, it will cause lumps, mastitis or even milk accumulation.
Problems such as cyst of galactostasis seriously hinder mothers from breastfeeding.

Lactation consultation services can help me solve this problem

Lack of milk problem?

The causes of insufficient breastmilk are often complex and mainly include improper feeding methods, breast problems and physical defects.  
In our cases, the most common cause is improper feeding methods that prevent the baby from sucking smoothly. At this time, many mothers may think that there is not enough breast milk and give up breastfeeding. The prolactinologist will first find out the crux of the lactation deficiency, correct the feeding posture from the fundamentals, adjust the feeding pattern, and teach the baby the correct sucking method. For mothers who have received breastfeeding guidance, the problem of lactation deficiency can generally be improved.
If the body is unable to produce sufficient lactation due to physical defects, the prolactinologist will coordinate acupoint massage and suggest a dietary menu to replenish the deficiency and relieve the excess.


Heard that massaging breasts can cause 


If a hard lump appears in the breast, massaging it with force will indeed damage the breast ducts and even cause mastitis.
Tin Yan professional lactation massage is designed to promote lactation painlessly. When dealing with blocked breasts, prolactinologists do not target the lumps in the breasts, but start with the areola and then use light dredging methods to deal with the blocked breast ducts. You can imagine blocked breasts as a tunnel with traffic jams. We must first deal with the blockage at the outlet so that the accumulated milk can be discharged from the breast ducts.

If you have any other questions, you can

contact us!

Glad to hear from you!

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