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Fee-based course - Double certificate course for prolactinologist and breastfeeding guide (advanced)

"Solving problems for moms without pain"


Course Introduction

The breastfeeding rate in Hong Kong is 80%, but not every one of them can successfully breastfeed, and many have had painful experiences.

Many times what they lack is not breast milk, but a correct method.

As competent pui yuet or professional lactation nurses, we provide correct feeding guidance during the golden period, and help mothers enjoy the solution to their problems when they are in pain.

cost HKD 7500

Course content

Online class (35 classes in total) content outline:

1. Introduction to Breastfeeding Instructor

2. How to feed a newborn baby for the first time after birth

3. Lactation assistance

4. Physiological structure of breasts

5. Factors affecting lactation

6. Causes and prevention of postpartum lactation

7. Breast dredging professional technology application

8. The difference between breast lump and swelling


Face-to-face classes (30 hours in total) content outline:

How to scientifically feed newborns during the colostrum, transitional, and mature lactation periods (2 hours)

1. Daily care and professional techniques for maternal breasts (4 hours)

2. Maternal breast dredging and professional techniques (4 hours)

3. Maternal physiological breast enlargement care and professional techniques (4 hours)

4. Maternal mastitis care and professional breast-clearing techniques (2 hours)

5. Identification and care of white spots on maternal nipples, breast fibroids, and breast hyperplasia (3 hours)

6. Acupuncture points and professional techniques for lactation production in postpartum women (5 hours)

7. Maternal milk recuperation health care and application of professional techniques (2 hours)

8. Correct feeding of the baby can effectively prevent mother's breast problems (2 hours)

9. Assessment (2 hours)

Course features

1. Focus on teaching techniques, highly practical
The course syllabus provides solutions to problems that may arise during breastfeeding, such as the treatment and identification of mastitis, physiological milk engorgement, and milk cysts.

The course arrangement ensures that after students complete the course, they will not just talk about it on paper, but will have enough confidence and ability to handle problems independently.

2. Offline practice, online theory
Students can first be equipped with theory on the online education platform, and then receive 30 hours of hands-on offline instruction on practical operating techniques.

The course advocates using real models for practice and provides a large number of case analyses. It is by no means just one breast model per person.

3. Full follow-up training
There is a daily progress assessment. After the course, you can get an internship opportunity to apply what you have learned.

After completing the course and passing the assessment, you can obtain dual certificates of breastfeeding instructor and prolactinologist

The Breastfeeding Instructor Certificate was issued by the Hong Kong Superior Home Service Industry Association and the Senior Breastfeeding Instructor (Lactation Promoting) Certificate was issued by the Ministry of Education of China.

Certificates can be used as proof of vocational skills. Employers can check certificates online.

Tutor profile

Nationally certified breastfeeding instructor​ and senior lactation instructor

Nationally certified senior maternal and infant nutritionist

Payment methods

1. Mail a check:

Mail a crossed cheque to "Room 195, New Era Centre, 278-288 King's Road, North Point". Please make the cheque payable to "TIN YAN HONG KONG LIMITED" and write the participant's name on the back.

2. Bank deposit/ATM transfer:

Transfer the fee to the account at Bank of China 012-737-0-012192-6 "TIN YAN HONG KONG LIMITED", and WhatsApp the receipt and participant name to 6750 1075

*Once registered and paid, the fees paid will not be refunded unless the course is cancelled.

**If the number of registrations for the course does not meet the class opening requirements, Tian En will notify the participants three days before the class starts, and the participants can choose to change to other courses or apply for a refund.

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